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Why Do I Need My Vehicle Waxed?

Waxing is a good thing. Waxing will protect your car from the elements of nature. We all know the sun don't play around with the vehicles paint job.  Sun damage is the number one reason why people wax their vehicles.  After while the original paint on a vehicle will eventually will fade away.  After that it starts to oxidate and looses it's protection.  Waxing your vehicle  protects and helps you from minor scratches.   That's were I come in and replace that protection.  But they are other protections your vehicle may need.  Which this is called clear coat.  Clear coat can peel away and look horrible.  Which we call this orange peel.  We will buff this out and replace your clear coat.  This can save your life on your paint and save your self  from the higher coast of a paint job. Paint  job examples below:

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  So if your clear coat is good and that's not the problem , then waxing is the other alternative.  Being proventive is the key.   Now another problem people have is bug splatter.  This occurs when bugs hit the front of a vehicle and burns the paint with the bug guts.  The shellac acid inside of bugs really damages the paint  combined with the elements the sun baking that spot where the bug juice hit. The other major problem is swirl marks.  This comes from buffing machines that move in circular motion.  Over time they leave their machine in one spot and they burn the paint.  Many times I'm called to fix this situation.  I don't use buffing machines that rotate in a circurlar motion on certain jobs. I have buffing machines that go in a forward rotation.   If you know what your doing you will never get circular paint burns,which is called swirl marks.  If your having this problem call me to take of it.     The next major problem is the scratches.  Scratches come from tree branches, children riding bikes, people keying the vehicle, etc...  Well you get the idea.  Well that's when I come  in and  polish , wax or buff the vehicle back to it's original state.  So if your having these problems and you don't feel like doing it yourself, let a professional take care of it and give us a call for a free estimate or appointment.        

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  Doren Lemons

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Life couldnt be greater... Just seeing the smiles on people faces when I'm finished with their RV , Boat or Vehicle is a wonderful feeling to see.  I really enjoy the satisfaction and the joy I get from the compliments.  My job is done when I give them the quality work they expect and deserve to have.   


The Work was great!! They Knew exactly what I needed done on my vehicle. Will use them again!!

Stacy Szeto


I was surprised when I called several other mobile detailers and they couldn't do the job.  When I called Big Boy Mobile Detailing they were on it.  No hesitation the job was complete and done in a professional manner. We'll done!! 

Ricky Saffold

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